The Minoh Waterfall

Yesterday we used the warm spring weather to take a hike in Minoh. Minoh (箕面) lies on the outskirts of Osaka within beautiful nature with some amazing wildlife.

Minoh Waterfall

Since it’s only a short train ride from our campus it’s the ideal place for some nature-induced relaxation. Minoh has a waterfall that’s almost impossible to miss since the forest paths will take you there directly. It’s about 3km one-way so the perfect exercise for the average city dweller.

The path to the waterfall will bring you past some souvenir shops that, especially in autumn, specialize in deep-fried maple leaves. They are sweet and crunchy and if that’s your thing you shouldn’t pass on them. You will also come by at least one temple, the Ryûanji (竜安寺), with dragon water basins and Buddha statues.

Ryuanji in Minoh

One of the coolest wild animals you’ll be able to see in Minoh (if you’re lucky) are monkeys that live in the mountains. They have been fed by tourists for so long that now they automatically come closer when they see you holding food and since they sometimes become aggressive you’ll find signs everywhere warning you not to come closer and not to feed the monkeys. If they catch you feeding one anyway they’ll charge you a penalty of 10 000 Yen so don’t even try. Also, rabies.

We were lucky enough to see one sitting in a tree exposing its private parts for everyone to marvel at right next to the waterfall. It came closer when we dug into our lunch and we had to hide the sushi because it would jump down the stones towards us as soon as we let something out of our hands.

The sign doesn't lie.

The sign doesn’t lie.

"You know I read somewhere that every monkey should eat Sushi every day so don't be so stingy"

“You know I read somewhere that every monkey should eat sushi every day so don’t be so stingy”

Minoh also has hot springs and a spa that we have yet to try out. If you’re looking for a relaxing day outside the big city, this place is a pretty good idea.


One thought on “The Minoh Waterfall

  1. It’s great to read that you are also having nice weather like we do atm. Great picture of Ulfdiefee in front of that scribbled-on stone!


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