The Story of Lady Butterfly

So this is my attempt to draw a little story that’s been spooking around my mind for some time.

It’s set in the Heian times, to me the most interesting time in the whole Japanese history.

Heian era lasted from 794 to 1285. It began when the imperial court was moved to Kyoto (then Heiankyô) and ended with the Genpei war that introduced the era of Shoguns. It was a very peaceful time when all political and social activity concentrated in the aristocracy in the capital.

Social life and politics in the Heian time is fascinating for me and I will mention and explain a lot of it during this comic. Not everything in this comic will be historically accurate, be it due to lacking source material or artistic freedom. But for the explanations I will rely on my four years of on and off research and essay writing on the Heian times and on several books I found here in Japan.

Read it in order here:

Part One

Part I Page I

Part Two

Page 2 part 1

Part Three

Page III Part II


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